In this instance, the carpet does not match the drapes..

BLVD Restaurant was opened by friends Josh Lawson & James McDermott as a fine dining restaurant offering European inspired dishes and expensive wines.

We soon realised that this really wasn’t what Springfield residents wanted and Josh made the decision to embrace his passion for fire, meat and all things delicious and point BLVD in the wood smoked, low’n’slow direction.

So yes, we know that the venue doesn’t really suit BBQ and no, it probably won’t change anytime soon. But you just sit back in our overly comfy chairs, enjoy your beer from our expensive glasses and enjoy the “too fancy for BBQ” venue as Josh and James dish up their delicious wood fired, saucy, smokey deliciousness that is BLVD’s BBQ..

Current Hours:

BREAKFAST  |  Mon-Fri 7am-11am

                      |  Sat & Sun 8am-11am

LUNCH         |  Mon-Sat 11am-3pm

DINNER        |  Mon-Sat 5pm-9pm


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