Yes, we know that the venue doesn’t really suit BBQ.  But we disagree and whoever said it can only be served on hay bales and wooden benches could be wrong.

Sit back in our overly comfy chairs, enjoy your wine from our over-sized glasses and appreciate the “too fancy for BBQ” venue.

All good food deserves to be given an opportunity to stand out, delicious wood fired, saucy, Smokey deliciousness that is BLVD’S BBQ.

We’re passionate about good food!

Serving our great BBQ in a trendy space is e perfect outcome at BLVD.

This is exactly the kind of food our customers want, Springfield is South East Queensland’s fastest growing city and our residents enjoy the quality and service which has pointed BLVD in the smoked, low’n’slow Barbeque direction. 

If you are looking for Private dining or sharing great food with friends or family we have the space to help you celebrate or just enjoy good company.


Current Hours:

LUNCH: Wed – Sat 12 pm – 2 pm

DINNER:  Mon – Sat from 5.30pm





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